User Interface and Experience Designer.

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I am a user interface and experience designer skilled at designing and developing user-centric, engaging, and effective digital experiences across many platforms.

I love solving problems and working collaboratively on the whole product life cycle — understanding user needs, creating wireframes, making prototypes, and building products.

The Problem with Passwords

Users have a lot of passwords to remember, and it’s a problem.

UX, UI, Prototyping2019

User authentication doesn’t scale well. The more accounts we create, the more passwords we need to remember. It’s not only the number of accounts that can cause problems, there is also a fundamental tension between convenience and security.

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Adobe XD Challenge

18 days, 18 challenges. Learn UX, UI, and prototyping with Adobe XD.

UX, UI, Prototyping2018

In an effort to further develop my prototyping skills, I participated in the daily challenges set by the Adobe team on Behance in September and November 2018

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Refocusing my Portfolio

Telling the story of how I design rather than just showing visuals.

UX, UI, Front-End Dev2018 - 2019

Redesigning my portfolio to focus on what matters — showing my process and taking readers on the journey to define the problem, understand the users, and to create and execute the solution.

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Developing an Adobe XD Plugin

Creating a plugin to automate a common workflow in Adobe XD.

UX, UI, Development2019

While explaining the process of adding drop shadows to masked images in Adobe XD, which involves several steps, I realised that this would be a great process to automate. So I decided to make a plugin that would help users to accomplish this repeatable task.

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